The Challenge

General Electric was undergoing a business transformation to a “Digital-Industrial” company. A great emphasis on Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, and Analytics were at the core of this transition. The engineering leadership team of the Digital Solutions business had just been restructured to focus on an agile transformation with an emphasis on lean solutions. They sawTh servant-leadership as the core underlying factor to the success of this transformation.

The executive responsible for the new team sought a speaker to inspire and motivate the leadership team about why servant leadership is important, what it is, and how it is practiced.

The Solution

Ben’s extensive experience in the IT field enabled him to develop an introduction to servant-leadership specific to software engineers. We applied both Agile and Lean terminology, methods, and examples. As a result, the language was familiar and the team found it much easier to comprehend. The reality is, much of their beliefs and practices already aligned with servant-leadership. They simply needed a unified language and understanding.


Software Executives

The team consisted of the top 15 people leaders in GE’s transportation engineering lead team.



We were able to align 3 frameworks, central to how their organization operated: Agile Methodology, Lean Framework, and Servant-leadership Principles.



The entire session was delivered on a single day, in person, at their Chicago facility.

“As an organization, we are paying close attention to culture and agile transformation. Ben’s presentation inspired and motivated the leadership team about why servant leadership is important, what it is, and what it looks like.”

John Z.

Vice President of Software Engineering

John Z - Then VP of Software Development at GE Transportation - He wears a suit and tie, glasses, and great smile

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