Keynotes on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

A straight, old, white dude’s take

Wait. Isn’t Ben an old, straight, white dude? What the hell does he know about diversity, equity, and inclusion?! Well, his perspective is a bit unique.

Ben hesitated offering his DE&I keynotes because he is, after all, the very picture of privilege. It was only at the urging of friends and DEI experts that he began offering his unique perspective to the movement. Here’s a little more to help you understand why….

Growing Up Ultra-White

Ben grew up in extremely white, upper middle-class environments. He recalls only a handful of visually diverse families among his high school graduating class of 500+ students. His family taught him right from wrong and to value all people. So he was never in danger of growing up racist, homophobic, bigoted, or otherwise outwardly morally corrupt. Still, he didn’t know what he didn’t know. As a result, he ran the risk of making unknowingly racist comments, such as:

  • “I don’t see color”
  • “Do we still need affirmative action?”
  • “Displaying pronouns seems unnecessary”

He ran that risk until he met his amazing wife and had three beautiful boys, all who identify as Black.

Ben at his 10th birthday party, surrounded by a group of his best buddies - all white, non-Hispanic kids
Ben and his family in a silly photo. He holds one child upside down while another child tickles him and his wife carries their youngest son.

Unique Perspective

Now, Ben has a better appreciation for diversity, equity, and inclusion matters. From major issues like systemic racism to smaller matters like microaggressions, Ben represents a sort of “convert’s perspective”. Through Ben’s disarming approach, he reflects how he could easily have been led down the wrong side of history.

Ben can joke about times his wife taught him about, “CP Time” and how it gave him an excuse to be late. At the same time, he can be more serious about his regrets for not being more understanding of diverse classmates, or the new meaning of “the talk” he must have with his black boys as they become young men.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion at Work

In addition to his personal life, Ben enjoyed the privilege of leading a great deal of diversity in the workplace. Most of his 20 year career included leading global, multi-cultural teams, comprised of a wonderous array of ages, races, beliefs, heritages, languages, identities, and preferences. In fact, his multiple turnaround projects often boiled down to building empathy for diversity across team members. His top talks in this space include….

  • What Straight, Old, White Dudes Miss
  • Diversity & Team Success or Turnaround
  • Love Thy Neighbor, Period.
Ben Speaks from Stage Wearing a Dark Brown Sports Jacket, Bright Purple Button Down Shirt and Gestures Toward the Audience with an Open Hand

So, if you seek a message from an old, straight, white dude about how he learned greater appreciation for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, give Ben a call and see how he can help.

Be Points to his left while smiling. He wears a dark sports jacket and a t-shirt that reads, SERVE.

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