Keynotes on Technology Leadership

Technology Leadership Specialization

Ben’s career in technology leadership spans over two decades, Fortune 500, INC 500, Startups, and Non-profit organizations. He specialized in multi-million dollar eCommerce projects and turning around struggling technology teams. Most of his work included leading global teams and addressing multi-cultural environments. While his results include massive earnings, cost savings, and other great results, he is most proud of the teams he built and leaders he developed.

Midway through his career, Ben recognized a common failure in technology teams: they were prone to promotion without leadership development. Technical environments are especially likely to promote great individual contributors to people leaders and give them no training on their new responsibilities. As a result, our technology teams were especially susceptible to bad boss behaviors.

Now Ben takes his lessons learned, combined with many years researching great leadership, and seeks to help other technology teams grow and excel. He often says it is his mission in life to, “prevent bad boss behaviors – especially among technology teams”.  If you’re planning and event and need a great technology leadership speaker, then give Ben a call and see how he can help.

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